Our Products

All of the delicious products from the house of Milkyman

Ice Cream Scoops

This scoops service is the most popular! We bring an ice cream cart filled with your favorite flavors. It includes a professional scooper, event menu board, and all serving supplies. Music and decorations are available upon request.

Milkyman Ice Cream Scoop Flavours:
Musk Melon
Sweet Paan
Fruit World
Creamy Vanilla
Nuts Delight
Fig & Honey
Rose & Cashew
Filter Coffee
Tender Coconut
White Chocolate
Butter Scotch
Red Velvet Cake
Roasted Almond

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Let your guests build their own ice cream sundae. Our traditional Ice Cream Sundae Bar includes our staff scooping ice cream and putting on the toppings for each person. The guest can select from a wide range of sauces, and then top it with their favorite candy, fruit or nut toppings, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.

Milkyman Ice Cream Sundae Bar Varieties:
Chocolate Sundae Bar
Classic Sundae Bar
Fruity Sundae Bar
Nutty Sundae Bar
Exotic Sundae Bar

Fruit Outside Ice Cream Inside

If you ask us about one thing we are specialists in, it this wonder which we are proud of! The fruits are sourced with great attention to make sure that they are fresh and semi-ripe. The pulps are used again into making of ice creams to maintain the freshness and the aroma.

Milkyman Fruit Outside Ice Cream Inside Flavours:

Ice Cream Roll Cuts

Our all time favourite HEXAGON shaped Roll Cut Ice Creams are crowd pullers. Our ice cream butchers come with a professional kit which includes all serving supplies, and ice creams are sliced live in front of the guests. It’s real fun to watch our ice cream butchers in action.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are a different experience in ice cream at parties. Our customers can choose from varieties like fruit sandwiches, nutty sandwiches, classic sandwiches and exotic sandwiches. Three flavors of different ice creams are topped on, one over the other, with loads of toppings generously sprayed over each layer. Our sandwiches are a proven match-winner in all functions.


Our milkshake station is a refreshing delight of fresh milk and your favorite ice cream blended together for a delightful treat of creamy magic. These cool thirst quenchers are adored by all age groups and have become a favorite of anyone who loves a blended ice cream drink.

Our Professional Milkshake Expert will serve your guests with their favorite customized drink and a delightful experience. We offer fresh toppings like fruits, syrups and chocolates to allow your guests to revitalize their best milkshake adventure at your event.

Delicious milkshakes topped with fresh ingredients is the best way to add a dash of elegance and charm to your special events. Our Milkshake Experts are masters in creating the perfect milkshake, and our friendly staff will give your guests the best milkshake experience of their life!


Want to bring your guests the best dessert they've never heard of? You can book us for your next event, and we'll bring our falooda bar, serving supplies, and staff it with the best Falooda Wallahs we've got.

Our Professional Falooda Wallahs will serve your guests with the best faloodas.

Fresh Juices

Hire our juice bars for your next event!

All our juices are 100% fresh and delicious. Served by our friendly and trained staff, these drinks can provide another element to your event. Fruits are sourced with great attention to make sure that juices are fresh and delicious. We always believe that "the quality of the raw material used is directly proportional to the finished product".

Fresh Baked Waffle Cups and Cones

Our Waffle Cups can be cooked on our portable waffle baker on-site to provide an amazing aroma for your event! HUGE waffle bowls are then filled with full scoops of ice cream. You can add lots of toppings, and lots of WOW!

Mix-ins and Toppings

Milkyman Mix-ins and Toppings:
Mixed Nuts
Cashew Nuts
Pista Sauce
Cake Cubes
Whipped Cream
Almond Pieces
Waffle Crumbs
Papaya Cubes
Roasted Peanuts
Cadbury Gems
Chocolate Strands
Mango Sauce
Gummy Bears
Fancy Strands
Blackcurrant Sauce
Strawberry Sauce
Chocolate Sauce
Rainbow Sprinklers
White Chocolate Chips